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FlowRide is a smartphone app for iPhone that provides access to an array of river information quickly and easily from a smartphone with little or no connectivity


  1. Get Levels Fast: All river data (except realtime levels) is stored on your phone so you can check levels quickly using the least amount of bandwidth for when your data connection is a little sketchy
  2. Interactive Map: The interactive map makes it easy for you to get an overview of what rivers are running near you or wherever you are dreaming of going. Requires data connection
  3. Customize It: Add your favorite rivers to the first screen so you can easily keep an eye on them. Open the app, hit refresh and you’re done.
  4. Bring it on the river: Read river data including rapid descriptions, take-out, put-in and other info without any data connection. Because how often do you have 4G on the river?
  5. Find it quickly: Find rivers with simple search. No data connection required.
  6. Custom flow graphs: Are your eyes tired from squinting at those ugly USGS graphs. Get real insight into river level trends with these beautiful custom graphs that show levels for the past 24 hours or one or two weeks